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How to play

You should read this tutorial before starting your gameplay. You will learn how to play, what you can find in the universe and how to use it properly.


This tutorial was created for version Beta 2.2


After joining your first universe you will appear at spawn. This is the center of your procedurally generated world and the default respawn point.


Hold space, left shift (turbo) or left alt (brake) to activate your engine. The spaceship will always rotate towards your cursor.


You can obtain items by picking them up or by drilling in asteroids. Items are collected using LMB and placed using RMB. You can extend/retract your drill by pressing R.



Here is the list of all controls in the game:

MouseSet direction of movement and shooting.
LMBBreak item or use extended drill.
RMBPlace / Use item.
SpaceUse engine.
Left ShiftUse turbo.
Left AltUse brake.
RExtend / Retract drill.
AUse artefact.
EOpen / Close inventory.
ScrollChange selected inventory slot.
Ctrl + ScrollChange camera zoom.
Ctrl + RMBPlace special bullets without shooting them.
EscapeClose inventory or open pause menu.
T or /Open chat field.
Tab (hold)Open multiplayer info menu.
F1Hide / Show UI.
F2Hide all chat messages.
F11Enable / Disable full screen mode.


Crafting can be opened by pressing E. All available recipes are present in the left UI segment.



Upgrades can be found in the right UI segment along with backpack and junkyard. They allow you to make your spaceship better and stronger.

HealthImproves health by 10% per upgrade.
TurboImproves turbo max speed by 8% per upgrade.
DrillImproves drill efficiency by 12% per upgrade.
BulletsImproves bullet damage by 8% per upgrade.
BackpackUnlocks 3 backpack slots every upgrade.

Every feature can be upgraded up to 5 times. The first upgrade costs 5 gold, then 10, 15, 20 and 25.


Backpack is present in the right UI segment. To unlock it, at least one backpack upgrade is needed. Backpack contains the artefact slot too, which is always unlocked.


To insert item into backpack press the ^ button over the item slot.

  • LMB - to move all items
  • RMB - to move only one item

When you want to get the item back, click the slot in the backpack.


You can discard items using junkyard. It can be found in the right UI segment. The discard slot works pretty much like slots in backpack, but after pressing discard button, all contained items will be removed.



You can see your health bar in the upper UI segment. When you lose health, it will regenerate quite fast, but you can use some potions to regain part of it instantly.


Exploding will result in losing all of your items and upgrades. It can be prevented by having keep inventory enabled or playing more carefully.


The respawn point can be set using respawn item craftable from copper and gold.



If you want to store your treasures in a safe location, you can craft and place a storage. Using LMB and RMB you will be able to transfer items between storage and your inventory.



Bullets are commonly used to deal damage. There are currently 5 types of them available for player use. Damage presented in the table can be increased through upgrades.

CopperSE3_image30.14s0.4521.42A default bullet made out of copper.
RedSE3_image40.14s0.4528.57A stronger bullet made out of red stone.
WindSE3_image30.20s0.6015.00A bullet, which pushes enemies away.
FireSE3_image3*0.20s0.4015.00*A bullet, which sets enemies on fire. Starandus is immune to it.
UnstableSE3_image100.28s0.4035.71A piece of unstable matter, very dangerous. Degenerator and players wearing unstable artefact are immune to it.

* Fire bullets set enemies on fire, which deals additional damage.


Potions can give you some very useful effects. They can be obtained by combining common materials with magic ingredients in crafting, but it is also possible to get them from treasures. See all of them in the table below:

HealingSE3_imageAdds 20 hp to your health bar.
TurboSE3_imageRefills your turbo bar.
PowerSE3_imageRefills your power bar. Only available when wearing impulse, illusion or unstable artefact.
BlankSE3_imageAdds 15 hp to your health bar and removes effects like fire, poison or stickybulb.
KillingSE3_imageRemoves 15 hp from your health bar. If you're wearing unstable artefact, it will also add 10 power to your power bar.
MaxSE3_imageRefills all your bars and removes effect. Only obtainable from dark cementeries.
ShieldSE3_imageComing soon!

The universe in SE3 is procedurally generated, which means that it feels infinite. There are some features that can help you know where you are. A compass between the health and turbo bar points you to a respawn point. When you click it, it will display coordinates.



In the SE3 universe you can find a variety of biomes and structures:

0Default Biome-SE3_imageThe default universe generation. Sometimes contains amethyst.
1Hell Biome8%SE3_imageThe hellish biome with evil aliens everywhere. Sometimes contains diamonds.
2Geyzer Biome8%SE3_imageThe windy biome, really hard to make your way through. Wind bullets can be found here.
3Alien Biome8%SE3_imageThe fascinating location full of friendly aliens. Gold is more common here.
4Arena4%SE3_imageA place, where you can fight a boss and get the artefact.
5Catastrophic Arena0.4%SE3_imageWell, it should probably remain a mystery.
6Cementery2.7%SE3_imageAliens are buried here along with their treasures.
7Dark Cementery1.3%SE3_imageThe darker and richer cementery variant.
8Star1.5%SE3_imageThe mysterious source of heat and power. Fire bullets can be obtained here.
9Copper Facilities0%Image not available yetComing soon!

Boss fights

To summon a boss, put 10 amethyst into a special bedrock storage in the center of any arena and click BATTLE. You need to dodge boss attacks and attack it with your own bullets.


If for some reason you want to stop the battle, you can resign by pressing escape and clicking button Give Up. However, this way you will waste your amethyst.


After defeating a boss three times (boss becomes harder every time you defeat it), you will be granted with one artefact, which you can wear and get some special powers. There are currently 5 types of bosses. Every one of them is presented in the table below.

1ProtectorSE3_imageThere are gosspis, that it is Protector, which is regularly seen on Earth. Anyway, it's just a regular UFO, nothing too spectacular... right?
2AdecodronSE3_imageIt's neither the machine, nor the alien, but it's certainly very dangerous with its spikes, poisonous attacks and the very high speed.
3OctogoneSE3_imageThe giant octopus-like monster from the other dimension. However, this creature really dislikes being called a space octopus.
4StarandusSE3_imageThe machine so advanced, that it was able to compress a star and use the nuclear fusion as the unlimited source of power.
6DegeneratorSE3_imageIt is said, that Degenerator is actually the evil version of Protector, but nobody knows how it exactly became such.


Artefacts give you some special powers when you wear them. Every boss drops a specific one after it is defeated three times. You can pick up the artefact and move it into a special slot using button SET.

SE3_imageProtectionProtectorThe super health bar upgrade. It improves your health by 25%, speeds up health regeneration by 50% and reduces health regeneration cooldown by half.
SE3_imageImpulseAdecodronAllows you to make impulses, when you have enough power. You can use it for attack, defense or just for fun.
SE3_imageIllusionOctogoneAllows you to become invisible to bosses and other players. It makes you 20% faster and immune to crash damage when active.
SE3_imageImmortalityStarandusWhen you wear it and die, you won't die, but your artefact will turn gray. Recharge it by exposing it to star wind.
SE3_imageUnstableDegeneratorThat's a mystery. All ancient notes were lost. Figure it out by yourself, but do not kill anyone by accident.