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Multiplayer server for SE3

To play SE3 with your friends, you need to download and run the server on your own computer.


Download server

VersionDownload .zipDownload .tar.gz
Beta 2.2 (latest) 🚀Beta 2.2 (.zip)Beta 2.2 (.tar.gz)
Beta 2.1Beta 2.1 (.zip)Beta 2.1 (.tar.gz)
Beta 2.0Beta 2.0 (.zip)Beta 2.0 (.tar.gz)
Beta 1.15Beta 1.15 (.zip)Beta 1.15 (.tar.gz)
Beta 1.14Beta 1.14 (.zip)Beta 1.14 (.tar.gz)
Beta 1.13Beta 1.13 (.zip)Beta 1.13 (.tar.gz)

Running server on Windows

  • Download server from the links above.
  • Download Node.js.
  • Go to the server directory (with index.js).
  • Type cmd in the top bar of explorer.
  • Run npm i to configure.
  • Run npm start to start the server.
  • You can create .bat file to run npm start for you.
Starting the server

Running server on Linux


  • Git
  • Node.js

Go to the directory where you want to create your server and run the following commands:

git clone
cd SE3-Server
npm i
npm start

Joining to your server

When you start your server, it will be visible for computers in your local network (LAN) on port 27683. You can type in the SE3 address field ws://local.ip:27683 or ws://local.ip:, where local.ip is your local IP address, for example

To join to your server from internet, you need to forward port 27683 on your router. Read more on Then you need to check your public IP address on When you forward a port, everyone will be able to join to your server using address ws://public.ip:27683 or ws://public.ip:, where public.ip is your public IP address.


If you can't for some reason forward ports, you can use page to tunell TCP traffic through the external server with ports already forwarded. Note, that this way you will increase your server's ping.

Protecting your server

Servers don't automatically have nickname protection enabled, so anyone can join using any nickname just by submitting it. To fix this, you'll need to enable nickname protection by following the instructions after starting the server. You will need the registered SE3 account, which you can create in the game main menu, to submit its login data into authConfig.json file. Every player who wants to join will have to log in to their SE3 account and use the special se3:// redirect address.


This system is fully safe only when you use the SSL protocol (wss:// instead of ws://). However you need to set it up first.