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SE3 Beta 2.2b

ยท One min read
Space Eternity creator

Hello again, today I'm publishing a very small update "Beta 2.2b". Here are all changes:

  • Star brightness reduced from 3.5 to 2.5.
  • Geyzer volume reduced from 0.25 to 0.16.
  • Fixed bug, which was causing screen refreshing every time R was pressed.
  • Chat is now positioned correctly on other than 16:9 screen ratios.
  • Player on singleplayer could use items while having keep inventory enabled and not living.
  • Messages from previous server connection could execute on the next opened universe.
  • Asteroids hidden through seon still had their SC_stuck colliders active, which could prevent players from interacting with some fobs.

Additionally, I reuploaded the server to fix some bugs:

  • Drill anti-cheat could prevent players from drilling in asteroid variants other than default.
  • Bosbul colliders weren't updating when new asteroids were generating.

Thank you for your attention and see you next time! (I hope in 2.3)

SE3 Beta 2.2

ยท 14 min read
Space Eternity creator

Hello everyone! I hope you're going well. I'm back after a very long time and I release a new major update for SE3, Beta 2.2. Although it doesn't contain a lot of new features, it's still one of the biggest updates ever. If you don't believe me, read this changelog. It won't take up... eternity:

New features:

  • added bone asteroids on cementeries
  • added background colors dependent on biome and active boss
  • added various difficulties: EASY, NORMAL, HARD, DIABOLIC + hidden: NONE, IMPOSSIBLE
    • difficulties affect damage received by everything except other players, potions and remote damage
  • added wind bullets, obtainable sometimes on geyzer biomes
  • removed coal bullets, all from previous versions will turn into wind bullets
    • wind bullets push the enemy away
    • wind bullets are faster and have a bigger range than copper bullets, but also smaller DPS
  • added copper diodes
  • added the following experimental fobs (available only through datapacks):
    • copper chimney
    • small copper chimney
    • tiger gem (not functional yet)

New features (less gameplay):

  • chat added, press "T" or "/" to send a message, press F2 to hide all messages instantly
  • added SE3 accounts, you can register or login in main menu
  • added nickname-protection system on servers based on SE3 accounts, enable 'require_se3_account' in config.json
  • added command system to server console, type 'help' for more info
  • added whitelist and banlist to servers
  • added fob72 (total vacuum) which is a removed fob place, used in arenas from now
  • universes without UniverseInfo.se3 file are marked as "Time: 00:00, Version: Unknown" and are always possible to update
  • datapack importing on servers improved, just add your datapack into Datapacks folder and start an empty server
  • magnetic alien activated is now a proper item and fob, it uses the magnetic alien texture
  • info about other player's death will be displayed on top of the screen
  • added 3 new treasures with IDs: 73, 74, 75 (second and third are reserved for use in custom datapacks)
  • added keep inventory option available when creating new universe and in server config

Old feature changes:

  • you can drill from pistons now
  • drillers can drill all items from drill loottable now, including magic elements
  • all craftings reworked, check in game for details
  • stone collider is now bigger, so it's easier to collect stones
  • removed old pumpkin, replaced it with a copper chimney
  • invisibility pulses removed when modifing terrain, trolling with illusion artefact is now easier :)
  • damage invisibility pulse time reduced: 25+3 -> 20+3
  • recreated pause menu to fit difficulty change menu
  • simplified piston collider to be a rectangle
  • fire bullets can now set bosses on fire, but have a lower base damage
    • bosses are much more vulnerable to fire effect than players
    • fire effect on bosses is affected by the bullet upgrade of the attacker
  • illusion artefact buffed:
    • players are 20% faster when invisible
    • players don't receive crash damage when invisible
  • drill efficiency upgrade nerfed +15% -> +12%

Cosmetical changes:

  • player damage sound changed to be more metalic
  • fob destroy particle effect reworked
  • grass asteroid reflects less light now
  • coal asteroid and coal bullets are darker now
  • asteroid and wall textures reworked, pixels are less noticable
  • boss damage sound volume reduced: 0,35 -> 0,3 + pitch changed
  • artefact lights changed a bit
  • all 0-1 animations (hiding, camera zoom, bgcolor etc.) are less sharp from now
  • added smooth camera zoom when being close to activated arena
  • cementery big asteroid is now as fat as it should be
  • adecodron glass is now a bit more flat
  • boss damage particles modified to be more noticeable
  • reworked the starandus neutronium animation
  • fob placing selector material has changed to be semi-transparent
  • packed copper material has changed a bit
  • copper stone, packed copper and copper bullet texture colors have changed a bit
  • music natural volume reduced: 0,75 -> 0,4
  • unstable loop sound volume reduced: 0.4 -> 0.25 (to be less annoying)

UI changes:

  • junkyard info is now bold + changed color to more gray
  • disabled main menu button color is now lighter gray
  • new junkyard messages added
  • multiplayer connection panel reworked, added "stop" button to stop connecting to the server
  • junkyard discard button reworked
  • lighter amethyst is now visible in the bedrock storage when it is empty
  • in the right UI segment small letter-buttons were replaced with arrows
  • credits reworked to be more... poetic?
  • reworked SE3 logo and added version subtitle to it
  • font changed in the main menu
  • locked backpack slots are now marked with text "Locked"
  • there will appear text "No power bar" when trying to use power potion and not wearing a proper artefact
  • battle can be activated only using LMB from now
  • 'adress' changed to 'address' in main menu placeholder field
  • F1 is now independent from pause menu
  • added universe creation screen, which contains various settings, including datapacks
  • upgrade text "Max Level!" changed to "Max Level"
  • boss bar proportion to health shrinked: boss with 1000 health has the same bar as boss with 1200 from previous version
  • boss bar will set its size properly only when max box health is larger than 200 and smaller than 1400
  • main menu button selected color has changed from white to blue


  • a lot of new server config variables, check in the server config
  • added upgrade variables in gameplay segment to allow customization of upgrade prices
  • removed some and added new gameplay variables
  • coal bullet gameplay variables reworked to be wind bullet variables
  • removed all structural tags except for struct=X, moved all built-in structures into custom structures
  • completely reworked seon language, see the newest documentation
  • removed some and added new biome tags
  • removed bosbul objects, they were replaced with the new bullet collision system
  • vacuum_drag gameplay variable works a bit different from now, calibrate your old datapacks

Default datapack changes:

  • cementery chance increased: 2% -> 2,7%
  • dark cementery chance increased: 1% -> 1,3%
  • that means all cementery chance increased: 3% -> 4%
  • unstable bullet speed: 0,35 -> 0,4
  • diamond asteroid chance changed: 1,5% -> 2%
  • star structure chance changed: 2% -> 1,5%
  • coal stone chance on asteroids: 45% -> 35% (like other stones now)
  • impulse damage: 8 -> 10
  • power element drill chance: 5,5% -> 2,6%
  • fire bullet player cooldown: 11 -> 10
  • changed fire bullet damage: 4 -> 3
    • that means fire bullet DPS changed to 15 + delayed: 16 in 4s (bosses) or 4 in 2s (players)
  • added modified drop: magnetic_alien_activated: magnetic_alien;
  • upgrade prices changed:
    • level 1: gold 3 -> gold 5
    • level 2: gold 6 -> gold 10
    • level 3: gold 10 -> gold 15
    • level 4: amethyst 12 -> gold 20
    • level 5: amethyst 20 -> gold 25
  • redA (id=25) object generation replaced with other (id=2) object generation in catastrophic arenas
  • blank element is now drillable from bone asteroid instead of metalic, drill chance changed: 5,5% -> 8%
  • changed all seon codes in datapack
  • added bone asteroids to both types of cementeries
  • treasures updated: shrinked junk loot, rarer treasures, useful items have overall similar rarity
  • changed biome tags to fit new background changes
  • rebalanced bullet rarity
  • every structure has "even" tag now, which means, it generates on the asteroid and not empty grid square
  • boss healths have been reduced: [800,1000,1200] -> [600,800,1000]

Technical changes:

a) Server connecting

  • the max lagging time in main menu is 3 seconds from now and it happens only during the nick verification process
  • server will kick you after waiting in main menu for longer than 30 seconds
  • the main menu will automatically add se3:// instead of wss:// prefix to the server address when it doesn't find any

b) Server run

  • server always verifies the sender of the message from now
  • conID safety system replaced with better, se3-ws safety system
  • messages to all clients are sent only to players confirmed to be in game
  • server will no longer crash after receiving a wrong message (if it does, contact with the game developer)
  • remote messages from clients are handled better (for example when client wants to activate the arena too far away)
  • cooldown system is handled better (bullets, impulse)
  • there was introduced the limit messages per second for connection: 1200
  • there was introduced the max length of message to server: 65536
  • server communication protocol was drastically reworked in client -> server commands, check server code comments for more information
  • server anti-cheat improved (there was completely no anti-cheat before)
  • player bullet speed will always be reduced to 1.2 units when too big
  • hour header on server improved, it may additionally display date
  • information display design on server console changed a bit, removed unnecessary rectangular brackets []
  • bullet removing after kick is now on server side, client bullets no longer disappear when returning to menu
  • config.json and authConfig.json files will now generate automatically
  • impulse and invisibility power anti-cheat implemented
  • from the server point of view unstable matter is an empty space too (replacable with other fobs)
  • GrowActive system optimized when more players on the server

c) Others

  • settings format changed to fit official account text field data (username and password)
  • nicks can only contain english letters, numbers, and following characters: _ -
  • game will close immediately after exception or error and save its crash into crash.log file
    • unnecessary try-catches in SC_data script removed to fit this system
    • saving game files is impossibe after crash
  • removed 2 junkyard messages because of wrong text wrapping
  • bullet invisible server projections do not spawn anymore as physical objects
  • biome offset system updated:
    • updating universe may move a star and destroy part of terrain around it
  • asteroid blocker no longer works for geyzer turn and bullet turn
  • if datapack file not present in the server directory, the default datapack will be loaded + (datapack not present there by default)
  • custom datapacks with name set to "DEFAULT" will now pretend to have it set to "CUSTOM" (both on server and local side)
  • universes can now store file "difficulty.txt", which stores the actual universe difficulty (only singleplayer)
  • error fob is now 72 (total vacuum) instead of 0 (empty)
  • reworked communication with terrain files from code level
  • reworked biome generation API and copied it to the server
  • asteroid type set and fobs generation are now deterministic based on seed
  • biome memories system reworked, splitted one giant file into smaller terrain files
  • force give up counter on singleplayer changed from 1s to 20s, on multiplayer it was always 20s
  • star particles scaling changed to hierarchy
  • reworked the whole world generation system code, but it works still the same
  • reshaped the world border a bit
  • there was introduced asteroid generation per frame limit to reduce lags
  • the old, silent geyzer sound object was removed and no longer lags the game
  • fob and resp blocker lists removed, replaced them with better, more optimal systems
  • optimized asteroid string connecting, so the data saving lag was reduced
  • reworked object generation system, copied it to server and patched midas cheats
  • reworked boss bullet collision with the environment to include fobs, it no longer needs bosbul objects
  • reshaped ustable turn collider a bit
  • reshaped the following client bullet colliders: geyzer, lava geyzer, all elements, red spikes
  • int and float parsing system reworked to be the same on client and server side
  • only colliders older than 10 frames will be able to deal collision damage
  • reworked player movement code
  • full screen manager code reworked, full screen will be always enabled at the start of the game, you can always close it using F11
  • unity version updated to: 2023.2.20f1 (no one knows what it affected)

Bug fixes:

  • it was possible to activate pause menu without closing inventory when escape button was released while in inventory
  • it was possible to activate inventory while both in pause menu and on multiplayer
  • junkyard & chat font wasn't supporting characters like ฤ…, ฤ™, รณ, ล‚
  • driller could transform items when more than one item type could be drilled from one asteroid (only multiplayer)
  • drill upgrade was not affecting loot until asteroid reloading
  • boss health had visible negative value part after defeating a boss, it was noticeable only when max boss health was very small
  • bullets were breaking when flying through respawn
  • fixed lightning problem in the main menu
  • bullet projections on multiplayer were breaking one frame too early
  • bullet invisible server projections were spawning one frame ahead of their real position
  • dark asteroid had not wall and sphere variant in seon language
  • when player died in multiplayer while fighting boss alone, boss fight was still going
  • some texts could change their appearence when updating
  • impulse was not ending after removing impulse artefact
  • biome offset was too big in some cases, which could result in weird generation like completely overwritten or enclave biomes
  • it was possible to create biomes with sizes 81-100 using datapacks (only using radius=X tag)
  • singleplayer storages could stop working on servers
  • object growth was corrupting the world on singleplayer by replacing 19th asteroid object with the "-1" fob
  • seon's sphere drill script wasn't working
  • geyzer wind wasn't dynamically updating its position to be on geyzer after introducing moving objects in Beta 1.14
  • only .jse3 files (and not .txt) could be imported as a datapack in the game menu
  • there was a relict-datapack Darks.jse3 in a "Datapacks" folder
  • driller on multiplayer could drill more items than it had capacity
  • using control to pick up all items from a storage could sometimes cause "Inventory full" message to appear
  • rescue-teleport from inside asteroids was too sensitive and could sometimes teleport player even when staying outside
  • ulam-XY conversion functions were inaccurate when computing big numbers
  • client bullets could fly through walls and spheres, when there were no fobs on the way
  • client bullets on singleplayer flying through the boss directly after the boss appearing state were igored by the boss
  • unstable turn collider was destroying bullets even if they were not unstable
  • bullets weren't flying through unstable matter
  • buggy quake collisions were dealing a lot of unfair damage
  • darkner objects in main menu were in some cases over page titles
  • other player health bars had a small offset to the left
  • drill kept being extended after death and respawn
  • the full screen resolution was always set to 1920:1080 instead of getting the screen native resolution
  • fonts will (should) no longer blur for no reason

Universe updating warnings:

  • it is better rather to create a new universe in Beta 2.2 than to update the old one because of the following problems:
    • some structures will move a bit and destroy part of terrain around them
    • old arenas will contain fobs, which should be removed normally (fobs overlapping with walls and pistons)
    • some structures on the world border will be erased as well as some asteroids (200 000 coordinates from spawn)

Thank you for your attention and see you next time!

SE3 Beta 2.1

ยท 3 min read
Space Eternity creator

New featuresโ€‹

  • added dark asteroid, see it here
  • added dark cementeries as well as following objects:
    • dark stone
    • packed dark stone
    • dark tomb
    • dark treasure, loot [here]
    • lava geyzer
  • added max potions, impossible to craft, obtainable only from dark cementeries, they completely regenerate all your bars and remove effect
  • unstable artefact updated, you can access unstabling state by pressing A when having enough power
  • universes created in Beta 2.1 will be possible to update to newer versions

Old feature changesโ€‹

  • treasure loottable changed
  • dark treasure loottable added
  • impulses have a small cooldown now (0.2s)
  • power potion is now possible to use when being invisible

UI changesโ€‹

  • third menu button title changed to "Account"
  • universe description font size changed 35 -> 32
  • "Ether" changed to "Power" when using illusion artefact
  • unstable artefact description changed to "Press A but do not kill anyone"

Default datapack changesโ€‹

  • blank element drill chance 4% -> 5,5%
  • power element drill chance 4% -> 5,5%
  • amethyst drill chance 20% -> 30%
  • diamond asteroid chance 2% -> 1,5%
  • fire and unstable damages changed:
    • unstable damage 8 -> 10
    • boss unstable effectivity 1,25 -> 1
    • fire bullet damage 3 -> 4
    • boss fire effectivity 2 -> 1,3125
  • that means:
    • fire bullet DPS changed:
      • to bosses 23.86
      • to players 18.18
    • unstable bullet DPS to players and bosses unified 35.71
  • coal bullet crafting product amount reduced 6 -> 3
  • bullet owner push 1 -> 0,6
  • cementery chance 3% -> 2%, but added dark cementery chance 1%
  • catastrophic arena chance 0,5% -> 0,4%


  • added 22 new gameplay variables, more info here
    • impulse cooldown (x1)
    • bullet cooldowns (x5)
    • bullet default ranges (x5)
    • other sources fire cyclic time (x2)
    • lava geyzer force & damage (x2)
    • unstable artefact configurables (x5)
    • treasure & dark treasure loottables (x2)
  • added new biome tag: dark.cementery

Important technical changesโ€‹

  • bullet cooldown system reworked to be configurable
  • bulet sending by player is a bit more optimized on server side
  • biome IDs are saved to file "Biomes.se3" when generated
  • universes copied from the server are no longer marked as server copies

Bug fixesโ€‹

  • pop sound was behaving strangely in certain situations

SE3 Beta 2.0

ยท 5 min read
Space Eternity creator

New featuresโ€‹

  • camera zoom out when arena active
  • bosses finished: (all bosses explained in How to play page)
    • Protector
    • Adecodron
    • Octogone
    • Starandus -> 2 new bullets (graviton and neutronium)
    • Degenerator
  • added stars
  • added fire bullet physical version (generates next to stars)
  • immortality artefact turns into gray artefact when used
  • gray artefact turns back into immortality artefact when exposed to star wind

Old feature changesโ€‹

  • treasure loot updated (actual loot in How to play page)
  • treasure loot can appear in hidden slots now
  • unstable artefact description changed to: "You can't unleash its power"
  • Starandus now immune to fire bullets
  • immortality artefact removes effect
  • artefact slot is always unlocked instead of 3 backpack slots
  • effect is removed after battle end
  • impulse artefact is more orange (oranger)
  • when you exit game when you have effect, you won't get the remaining damage
  • blank potion acts like a bit weaker healing potion, but also removes effect
  • adjusted sticky bulb material (more transparent and same on player and as bullet)
  • health, turbo, and power bars reworked to be more rectangular
  • replaced time bar with always visible boss health rectangular bar and added time clock

Default datapack changesโ€‹

  • safer and more efficient unstable aretfact:
    • at_unstable_special_avarage_time 3 -> 1,5
    • at_unstable_force 15 -> 10
  • cementeries rarer, chance 4% -> 3%
  • diamond asteroid rarer, chance 3% -> 2%
  • player speed and vulnerability buff:
    • crash_minimum_energy 5 -> 6
    • crash_damage_multiplier 0,7 -> 0,6
    • player_normal_speed 11 -> 13
    • player_brake_speed -7 -> -8,5
    • drill_normal_speed 8 -> 9
    • drill_brake_speed -5 -> -6
  • turbo_regenerate_multiplier 1 -> 1,5
  • turbo_use_multiplier 2 -> 1,5
  • 51 new gameplay variables added, all variables here
  • new star structure 1,5%
  • arena rarer, chance 5% -> 4%
  • golden asteroids generate 40% less common than before
  • golden asteroids are 2 times more common in alien biomes (they didn't spawn there before)
  • grass asteroid drillable items changed: "stone(92%) + magic_element(8%)" changed to "bush(70%) + stone(22%) + magic_element(8%)"

Frozen variables changesโ€‹

(some of them are now possible to modify through datapacks, more info here)

  • spike bullet effect duration 4s -> 6s
  • sticky bulb effect duration 6s -> 4s
  • boss rocket bullet damage: 10 -> 12
  • boss unstable bullet damage: 8 -> 6.25
  • fire boss bullet damage 4.25 -> 3
  • player bullets speeds and colliders updated, note, that colliders aren't exactly what is being displayed, note, that bullet travel distance didn't change:
    • copper, red & coal bullet: speed (0.35 -> 0.45), collider (0.08 -> 0.14)
    • unstable bullet: speed (0.35 no change), collider (0.08 -> 0.12)
    • fire bullet: speed (0.35 -> 0.40), collider (0.08 no change)


  • 51 new gameplay variables possible to configure from datapack level, all variables here
  • new server config variable - show_positions (determines whether players' positions are public)
  • added new seon object: star
  • added new biome tag: star

Important technical changesโ€‹

  • asteroid generation grid expanded from 11x11 to 15x15
  • asteroid disappear range increased 70 -> 120
  • generation grid generates procedurally now
  • health bar synchronizes with the server constantly
  • removed message name verification when enqueueing and truly thread safe code
  • reworked static damage system and its damages
  • world size reduced from 1M to 400k due to integer 32 bit asteroid ID errors
  • gameplay variable system reworked, easier to access and add variables

Bug fixesโ€‹

  • boss was supposing, that it is in the center of the arena when aiming (it always was in Beta 1.15 and before)
  • boss damage particles had different sizes for singleplayer and multiplayer
  • buggum ultimatum removed (laggy storage + ctrl)
  • SC_podswu (storage/treasure) highlight counter was broken in certain cases
  • client health bar was sometimes unsynced with server
  • effect was lasting forever after respawning, when player was killed by that effect
  • boss timer sometimes wasn't visible when nearby arena was loaded
  • set artefact button was in the wrong position when artefact couldn't be moved into backpack
  • gray projection wasn't working properly, when ping was bigger than 0,4s (20 frames)
  • effect replacement was changing effect id without changing duration, when new duration was smaller than old
  • thread safe code was actually not thread safe
  • respawn point was impossible to break manually in certain cases
  • when player was not alive in multiplayer, other players' projections were simplified
  • sticky bulb was not always reducing velocity, velocity reduction changed because of technical reasons
  • there were integer 32 bit asteroid ID errors when over 200k coordinates from the center of the universe
  • pause menu wasn't blocking raycast, so it was possible to interact with certain things during pause
  • healing potion use was blocking healing even if it was not necessary when waiting for server response

SE3 Beta 1.15

ยท 5 min read
Space Eternity creator
Launcher developer & Technical helper

Welcome to another update of Space Eternity 3!
This blog post covers most of the things released in this version.

Note: This post was edited by Nadwey and shows some things wrongly. Repairing it is not a big priority due to introducing new features in future versions :)

SE3-Beta-1.15 release photo


๐Ÿš€ New Stuffโ€‹

New Bossesโ€‹

Replaced Placeholder with 5 new temporary bosses, that you can fight with.

Protector (ID 1)โ€‹

Protector boss

Adecordon (ID 2)โ€‹

Adecodron boss

Octogone (ID 3)โ€‹

Octogone boss

Starandus (ID 4)โ€‹

Starandus boss

Degenerator (ID 5)โ€‹

Degenerator boss

New Boss Bulletsโ€‹

Fire bullet5Sets the player on fire.
Poisonous spike6
Brainwave7Can pass through players.
Sticky bulb8Traps player in a bubble, which prevents shooting and slows down by a lot.
Kamikadze rocket9
Poisonous spikeball10
Copper bullet11
Red bullet12
Unstable bullet13

New Player bulletsโ€‹

Coal bullet14
Fire bullet15Sets the player on fire.

New Itemsโ€‹

Coal bullet64
Fire bullet65
Turbo element58
Power element60
Blank element62
Turbo potion57
Power potion59
Blank potion61
Killing potion63

Effect system added & new effectsโ€‹

Fire effectโ€‹

Fire effect

Poison effectโ€‹

Fire effect

Sticky bulb effectโ€‹

Prevents you from shooting, and slows you down.

Sticky bulb effect



Finally, you can delete your useless items in the junkyard.
Just put the item in, and it will answer your burning questions about universe.

Other changesโ€‹

๐ŸŽฎ Changes in Gameplay/UIโ€‹

  • Buttons in pause menu don't activate instantly after clicking
  • Server projection is now visible when nearby players use impulse artefact
  • When player is too long inside an asteroid, he will be teleported away
  • 3rd button in main menu changed to achievements (was mini games)
  • Left ctrl + click on storage = instant store/take
  • treasure loottable changed and balanced, new items available
  • unstable damage separated: fob collider object, bullet damage
  • unstable bullets possible to upgrade from now
  • added "bosses in development" info over bedrock storage
  • improved hearing distance 30->40
  • default datapack changes, more in default datapack

๐Ÿ“Š Datapack and Seon Interpretation Changesโ€‹

  • new seon object: StBulcol (boss bullet collider) - can't be moved using state changing movement
  • arena seon code updated (StBulcol & boss randomization)
  • it is impossible to change hiding, appearing etc. for boss using seon now, it is set by default
  • new seon command: bosbul add (assigns bosbul to a seon object automatically)
  • now possible to create A+B->B and C->C crafting recipies
  • new gameplay variables:
    • boss_damage_multiplier [32]
    • coal_bullet_damage [33]
    • fire_bullet_damage [34]
    • killing_potion_hp [35]

๐Ÿ”ง Advanced Technical Changesโ€‹

  • introduced boss rotation and movement API
  • improved server-side collision system
  • more efficient boss data frame transfer
  • only server can destroy bullet projections now
  • bullets store their damage now
  • TPS system added, low TPS support
  • introduced bullet steering system

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixesโ€‹

  • Bullets on singleplayer fly through appearing and hiding bosses now
  • Bullet destroy sound removed on quit to main menu (not quite ready, but better than it was)
  • Bullets created before player's joining to server, can't hurt him anymore and aren't visible for him
  • There was an unity error when destroying structures (no one knows when it appeared)
  • randomInteger server side function reworked

SE3 Beta 1.14d

ยท One min read
Space Eternity creator

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixesโ€‹

  • Fixed health bar when system language uses . as decimal separator
  • Refactored SC_control gameplay code to be thread safe

SE3 Beta 1.14c

ยท One min read
Space Eternity creator

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixesโ€‹

  • Sliders and input fields couldn't be used.

SE3 Beta 1.14b

ยท One min read
Space Eternity creator

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixesโ€‹

  • Push inventory hold wasn't in sync with mouse on some screen ratios.
  • After updating Unity version (all builds with the new logo), button highlightning wasn't working properly.
  • Saving asteroids on singleplayer was unsynced with the main data save function.
  • Singleplayer save system was adding one additional line at the end of every file.